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Nissan Stainless Steel Side Bars with Step Pads
Nissan Stainless Steel Side Bars with Step Pads
Nissan Stainless Steel Side Bars with Step Pads

Stainless Steel Side Bars with Step Pads Nissan Navara NP300 Double Cab 2015+

Regular price £199.99
Sale! £169.99

The Direct4x4 side step, side bar and running board range offers incredible style and quality at a very affordable price. Made from premium quality materials throughout, these side steps are designed to be convenient and practical whilst adding an extra touch of luxury to your pride and joy.

  • Package includes 2 steps and all the brackets, bolts and fixings necessary for your specific vehicle.
  • Very easy to fit, clean and maintain. No drilling required! The brackets install conveniently to existing bolt holes in your vehicle’s chassis. Fitting takes just a couple of hours.
  • Protects your car from damage caused by dirt and asphalt thrown up by your tires as well other car doors in tight car parking spaces.
  • Chunky 3 inch (76mm) diameter tube.
  • Made from high quality SUS304 stainless steel.

Important Information

  • Some vehicles may have plastic undertray shields covering the side step bolt holes. These will need to be removed before fitting the steps and before re-fitting will need to be trimmed around the bolt locations using a dia cutter or something similar. If you have any questions, please contact us.
  • Please DO NOT use car cleaning products which contain TFR (Traffic Film Remover) chemicals on metallic products as it can cause corrosion. Cleaning Direct4x4 products with said solutions may invalidate their warranty.
  • We strongly advise examining any bolts, brackets or fixings 7 days after original installation to ensure that they are tight and secure. For your safety, we recommend inspecting all fixtures every 3-6 months.