The Great Direct4x4 Office Move of 2018!

The Great Direct4x4 Office Move of 2018!

Here at Direct4x4, we are always looking for ways to improve our working environment.  We want to make sure that both staff and customers are happy.  So, it was a mixed reaction when it was decided that we move our main administration and sales office from the upstairs of our large warehouse in Derby to the downstairs, just inside our awesome showroom.

Due to the popularity of our products, we really needed more warehouse storage space so to convert the existing office complex upstairs seemed like the best option. On the plus side having our offices downstairs near our showroom make more sense, we could give the best service to customers who pop down to visit us.

The move started one Wednesday afternoon in July 2018.

Warehouse staff were free once the couriers had left, so let’s go.  Desks of absent staff were moved first. It’s quite strange having everything move around you while you still are trying to work!  You see things being moved and worry that it will not arrive at its destination in one piece! One member of staff loved the fact she could sort through cupboards and get rid of old paperwork. Our menagerie of beautiful potted plants was moved carefully downstairs to their new environment. 

 As you probably know there are people who love change and enjoy it, people who, like me, don’t object to change but need time to process it, and then there are the ones who are instantly frustrated by change.  No one is right, everyone is entitled to working in their own way, but this may cause a few grumbles in the office! People also get attached to their desk and personalise it they like to have their computer set a certain way.  Others just say put a desk in a room with a computer and I am fine. To tackle a big move like this, keep everyone happy and continue to give 100% to our customers with as little disruption as possible did prove a challenge.

So now where do we put desks? How do we sort the layout? Who will face who? Some last-minute changes caused a bit of confusion (chairs and equipment in the wrong places etc.) Slowly things come together. We faced some technical and administrational challenges too. A few issues with Wi-Fi and telephones caused irritation for some. We needed to reorganise our service rotas. We’ll admit it, it was quite a stressful time!

A few weeks later the office is coming together pictures have been hung, people are back to personalising their desks and slowly getting used to their new home! In fact, it feels like upstairs was a distant memory! Change can cause havoc to some, but the Direct4x4 are an incredible team and we are back serving our customers at full capacity once again. Maybe we all need to embrace change a lot more. You just never know you may like it better!

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