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Most people today use some form of social media. It’s a great way to keep in touch with family and friends and share our thoughts, passions and achievements with the rest of the world. Many companies also use social media to communicate with their customers and let everyone know about the products and services they provide.

At Direct4x4 we also use social media to stay in touch with our customers and keep them up to date on our new products, promotions and offers. It has become a fantastic way to show off the benefits of our unique overland expedition camping gear and 4x4 custom auto styling accessories. We also use social media for a wide range of exciting stuff!

One very practical way that we use social media is by sharing our expert fitting videos via YouTube. If you are handy with tools, our products are generally very easy to fit. However, if you require specific fitting information then it is readily available on our popular YouTube channel. Videos are also a great way to show off some of our fantastic vehicle side awnings and overland roof top tents! Not everyone can get to see the products first hand in our showroom in Derby so to see exciting camping gear before buying is an awesome way of picturing yourself living the dream! Why not subscribe and take a look at some of our videos now?



One of our most popular social media features is Car of the Week (#CotW), the office collectively choose their favourite vehicle that comes to us for fitting from that week and we make it our prestigious COTW! It’s designed to show that we have a wide variety of 4x4s, SUVs, vans and pickup trucks that come through our doors daily. We also love dogs here at Direct4x4 and our showroom is pet friendly; if you have a dog when you come for fitting then we would love to take a photo of your special one and make them a star on our social feeds!


Direct4x4 expedition vehicle side awning in a Derby showroom filled with labrador dogs


We have also built up an incredibly strong and loyal community of friends and fellow 4x4 lovers. Everyone in the office closely follows the adventures of our friends and customers on social media, seeing our products in use out there in the world offers immense job satisfaction. If you follow us on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, we share their stories; both the ups and the downs. Overlanders and van lifers also tend to be some of the most helpful people around.

Jack and Kristina from JK Overland are living the life to the full with ‘Molly’, their trusty retro Mitsubishi Pajero. After their recent expedition through the gorgeous Portuguese countryside, they have some amazing travel tales to tell.

Callum Wallis Otter, a prominent figure in the overlanding community, has a  gorgeous Land Rover Defender. He well knows the ups and downs of owning one of these iconic off-road monsters and it’s fascinating to see how he overcomes the real world challenges of living the Defender life.

Bug Out North Wales are a bunch of friendly guys that have a constant urge to get out and experience the joys of green laning in their 4x4s. They have some great trucks that occasionally need tinkering with and we’ve had some excellent advice and feedback from these guys on our products.

Blue Discovery GirlTom Overland and Liam from D1 Adventures also have great posts about living life with 4x4s in the great outdoors. For something different 4 Wheeled Nomad have a mighty Toyota Hilux; ‘White Rhino’, they are currently travelling from Norway to South Africa and some of their photos are just breathtaking.

MTB Van Life guys have their beautiful Volkswagen Transporter and adore all things van living and mountain biking! We have such a diverse community base and we love it! Keep doing what you do and we’ll continue to share and offer our support.


Direct4x4 expedition vehicle side awning on a classic Mitsubishi Pajero 4x4


Finally, our social media is open and available 24/7, so if you need advice or help with anything Direct4x4 related then you can just push that button and get in touch. We will aim to get back to you that same day. Occasionally we do have some down time like when we go to the cinema or just sit with a nice glass of something and a good book, but generally, we will answer you as soon as we possibly can.

So why not like, follow and subscribe to all of our social media channels and get involved with our incredible little community. Keep sending us your pictures, give us your feedback, stay in touch with the latest news from the 4x4 world and get involved in some of the most incredible life experiences the UK has to offer.

See you out there.

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