Direct4x4 Adventurer 2 person roof top camping tent in orange on an orange Land Rover Defender 90

Which Direct4x4 Expedition Roof Top Camping Tent is Right for You?

It has not been the best of starts to the new year, with heavy storms resulting in floods, snow and wind damage. Now, global viruses that don’t seem to be abating - it can seem to be a gloomy outlook. Having said that spring is about to burst forth and the daffodils and tulips are starting to poke their little heads above the frosty soil. This gives us hope that warmer, calmer days are just around the corner.


So now with spring in touching distance, we can turn our attention to getting back out into nature and hitting the open road.  Now is the best time to start making plans and what better way to break free than in an expedition roof top tent for your 4x4 or SUV! Here at Direct4x4 we supply a variety of roof tents and here is a short guide on which one to choose.




 First, why a roof top tent? Roof top tents attach to the roof of your vehicle allowing you complete freedom to travel and camp wherever you like. They provide very large and comfortable camping/sleeping environments without taking up any extra floor or cargo space. They are generally very quick to setup. There are some plus points to sleeping on a roof too such as avoiding the damp ground and creepy bugs and other wildlife!

 So, which one should you spend your hard-earned cash on? To a large extent, it’s a matter of personal choice. However, here are a few things to think about before making your decision:

  • Where and when will it be used and in what weathers?
  • How many people will be using it?
  • What is your budget?
  • What vehicle will it be fitted to?
  • Will it be staying on your vehicle or regularly removed and refitted? 

We think we have you covered whatever the occasion.


Firstly, take a good look at the Expedition Hard Shell 3 Person Roof Top Camping Tent, a great favourite. With its easy crank handle opening mechanism (and coming soon: auto-opening gas struts!) these tents are incredibly quick and simple to set up on-site. They have universal appeal and suit a variety of vehicles from your Mini Countryman to SUVs, 4x4 and vans. Great for that spur of the moment getaway. This would be the envy of your friends at any festival; while they struggle to put up their ground tent you can just simply park up and get front row at the top stage. With tent walls made from waterproof polyester, a sturdy adjustable telescopic ladder to match your vehicle’s height and a thick comfortable built-in mattress with machine washable cover, you will have the best nights sleep under the stars.


If ease is what you are after, then why not go for The 'Pathseeker' Auto Solar Hard Shell Roof Top Camping Tent. This hi-tech piece of expedition gear is the star of our showroom and any show we attend. Made from top quality materials throughout, this khaki green or stone grey coloured hard-shell roof tent with a solar panel, foldable ladder and remote control opening and closing mechanism is just what you need when you get out on your next adventure. With a roof rack style base making it versatile to fit to any 4x4, SUV and Van. With all of the extra space and features, this comes in slightly more expensive than the standard hard shell roof tent but you are getting incredible bang for buck when you compare it with tents from other companies. This is now available to order with the option of a large external annexe, giving you even more room, making longer stays more comfortable.



Now we come to The 'RoofTrekk' 4 Person Hard Shell Roof Top Tent, still a hard shell box design but for those who want lots of internal space. In fact, a family of 4 could easily fit in this. It has a sleek, low profile, aerodynamic, lightweight design for travelling. Again, it will only take a matter of minutes to set up and get your head down. A large zipped canopied entrance adds not only to the look but is great for added practicality. Available in granite grey and forest green and the same heavy-duty waterproof poly-cotton canvas material as our other tents. Money well spent you will agree.


The Expedition Clamshell 2 Person Roof Top Camping Tent has caused great excitement in the office recently! We believe that this is one of the best quality tents we have ever supplied. It's available in a funky orange colour as well as grey, this will be a real stand out from the crowd look. So, if you want to make a statement then this is the tent for you.


 This will be super tough yet light as a feather, with roof bars on top of the tent you can fit your bikes and other exciting gear! Plus, it is one of the quickest setups we have. We had one of our friends recently use this tent in the Lake District, with wind and rain he said it still felt super snug. It also looked amazing!



Now we come to The 'Adventurer' 2 Person Hard Shell Roof Top Camping Tent, this new arrival is super cool and pops up like a clam with another lightning-fast onsite setup design.

This offers many of the same features as the Clamshell but thanks to a superb 8cm thick double mattress and silver insulated outer walls, this is probably the most comfortable tent to sleep in that we sell. If it's comfort you require then this will not disappoint.



Now for a firm favourite; the Expedition Fold Out 3 Person Roof Top Camping Tent. This is now available in sand, grey and green fabric colours. This looks more like a traditional tent with plenty of room inside and it includes a full showerproof annexe which is great for extra room and storage. This tent can fit over the back, side or even the front of your vehicle if so desired. There is a zipped opening in the rear of the annexe so you can easily access your vehicle without going outside. Folds away to a small neat size when transporting. You get such a lot for your money and if you like the traditional look this has got to be one to consider.  Great tent suitable again for all vehicles but looks especially smart on a Land Rover Defender! Take this on short breaks or for the longer adventures.


So, you can see we offer a wide range of fantastic roof top camping tents here at Direct4x4, it all comes down to the look and how you use them. We offer a full professional fitting service here in Derby so we can take the stress out of that for you too! In fact, some have purchased the tent and gone straight on holiday from here! Look on our website for details or give us a call. We have them all available to look at in our showroom so feel free to pop down and take a good look.


We have got a couple of trailer tents but that’s another story!

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