'Ridgeback' Side Steps

New 'Ridgeback' Side Steps!

The latest edition to our epic 4x4/SUV side step and running board range is the sleek, stylish and practical 'Ridgebacks'...

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We get sent images and samples for new products every day.

For a product to make the cut, it needs to catch our eye and be of a very high quality. We realise how much our customers love their 4x4s, SUVs and off-road vehicles and we want to make sure that any Direct4x4 products they fit to their pride and joy complement the vehicle perfectly and last for a very long time.

'Ridgeback' Side Steps

The 'Ridgebacks' came across our desks from a supplier a few weeks ago and we knew instantly that we wanted to add them to our already epic side step and running board range. They are stylish and robust and, with a 5.5  inch non-slip platform, incredibly practical.

When naming a new product, we test the products, show them to the whole Direct4x4 team and then try to epitomise the 'spirit' of the item. The 'Ridgeback' title is a perfect fit here.

The simple black ridge design runs the entire length of the board and the end vent effects add rugged character to a board that will already work well with most vehicle styles and colours.

These steps are a neat and affordable custom styling upgrade for city and country drivers alike.

Right now, only a select number of vehicles are compatible with these new steps, but we will be adding more vehicles to the lists in the near future, so if you love the look of these boards as much as we do but they don't fit your vehicle, keep checking back here for updates.


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