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Loading your Pickup Truck with Accessories

Pickups have become super popular over the last few years. They're not just for farmers or trades people any more; they can be a lot of fun. Not only do you get almost the same off-road abilities and performance as a Land Rover Defender or Discovery but most modern pickup cabs are very comfortable places to be. The Nissan Navara and Ford Ranger WildTrak cabs, for instance, are packed to the gills with luxuries and quality of life improvements galore.

However, as any experienced pickup owner will tell you, they do come sprinkled with some disadvantages as well...

For example, if you plan on going exploring and need to fit a cargo roof rack or roof top tent, you will find that it's not as simple or as cheap when comparing similar products on the aforementioned Land Rover Defender or Discovery. With their old-fashioned (but very useful) rain gutters on the roof, fitting a full roof rack system on these vehicles is incredibly simple. Take a look at our incredible range of heavy duty steel and aluminium expedition roof rack systems here.


Direct4x4 Land Rover Discovery expedition roof rack system


But what about your pickup truck? If you want a decent, slim fitting roof rack on a pickup you would normally need to drill through the roof or worse. Our partners at Front Runner do have some options with their Slimline II modular aluminium roof racks systems which you can view here.

What if you want to load above the cargo bed or put a roof top tent on which is longer than the bed and will overhang the cab area. Well, we have a fantastic solution for you, even if the tent overhangs the bed and cab. Take a look now at our amazing new Pickup Truck Adjustable Expedition Load Bed Rack System.


Direct4x4 Pickup Truck Adjustable Expedition Load Bed Rack System


With its sleek, low profile, multiple mounting points and fully adjustable design, there is literally nothing that this cargo load bed rack can’t handle. Take all of your gear with you on your next overland trip and have room to spare! 

  • Clever modular design.
  • Ample top mounting points to fit anything from expedition roof top tents to skis to kayaks.
  • Multiple cargo slots on the side uprights for high-lifts jacks, jerry cans or sand mats.
  • Made from top quality black powder-coated steel.
  • Easy to fit and maintain. Comes will all necessary fitting and brackets. We can even install this item for you with our full expert fitting service here at our workshop in Derby.

What about saving your knees? Knees?! Well, if you have a canopy or truck top fitted, you will surely know just how frustrating it can be to get to your tools or accessories that you have stored close to the cab. Crawling in the back of the load bed can be agonising on ageing patellas. One great option we have available is that you could fit a roll and lock style load bed tonneau cover (we even do electric ones for certain vehicles!) These keep your cargo safe and secure but easily slide open and allow you to then reach into your load bed over the side.

 Direct4x4 pickup truck roll and lock style load bed tonneau cover on a red Ford Ranger Wildtrak


If you have an existing load bed canopy truck top, why not add more functionality with one of our premium quality expedition drawer storage system with a slide out top? Browse some options here.



We also sell bull-bars, roll sports bars, cargo racks, slide out cargo trays, under-body armour protection and much more! With the right additions, you really can do anything and go anywhere with your favourite pickup truck vehicle.

What's your adventure?

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