Direct4x4 expedition overland pull-out vehicle side awning in Forest Green fitted to a Ford Ranger Wildtrak

How to Fit a Direct4x4 Overland Expedition Pull-Out Vehicle Side Awning

If, like me, you are planning to take advantage of more local delights in and around your area but are concerned about the UK weather and want to stay dry and protected, you might want to use on of our incredible overland expedition pull-out vehicle side awnings. But, what if you're not sure how to fit one to your vehicle? Well, read on...

Direct4x4 Expedition Overland Vehicle Camping Side Awning individual L-bracket
All of the side awnings in the expedition pull-out range from Direct4x4 are supplied with either 2 or 3 L-shaped brackets depending on the size of the awning. These can be fitted with the smaller end pointing either up or down to allow for different vehicle heights.
The smaller end is fitted into the two channels at the back of the awning using the supplied bolts. This allows for the fixing points to be flexible along the length of the vehicle. Over the years our customers have found various ways to fit these to the vehicle and it will very much depend on what you are attaching the vehicle side awning unit to.

Fitting a Side Awning to Roof Bars

Fitting will depend on the actual roof bars. Most roof bars will have a channel along the top which you can slide a nut into and then bolt down. If your roof bars don't have this channel along the top, you may decide to drill and bolt through or use something like a U-bolt to clamp the bracket in place.
Direct4x4 Overland Expedition Vehicle Side Awnings

Fitting a Side Awning to a Roof Rack

Direct4x4 Overland Expedition Vehicle Side Awnings
Fitting will again depend on the style of roof rack. Many expedition roof racks with have a square mesh construction and on these you can use an oversized washer or plate to sandwich the bracket securely in place.
If you have a one of our AluMod expedition roof racks, separate dedicated brackets can be purchased which are slightly longer and come with the needed fixings to fit into the channels on the rack.
Direct4x4 Overland Expedition Vehicle Side Awnings

Fitting a Side Awning to Roof Rails

Direct4x4 Overland Expedition Vehicle Side Awnings
If your roof rails have a flat underside to them you can potentially fit the awning brackets directly to the roof rails without the need for roof bars. As you can see in this picture sent in from one of our customers, u-clamps can be used to secure the awning brackets in place.

Fitting a Side Awning to a Wall

You might just decide to bolt the awning to a wall like we have in our showroom. You could use the awning in the back garden or at the front of your garage. If you do, simply drill and bolt through the back plate. 
Direct4x4 Overland Expedition Vehicle Side Awnings

However you decide to use your awning we are sure you will have some fun, be sure to share your story with us on our social media sites!


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