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Farewell 2021

This has been a year of two halves. The beginning started on a low with our third national lockdown. The long winter months stretched endlessly on and many of us struggled in more ways than one. The feeling that we would never get out of the lockdown was very strong. If any of our lovely customers have suffered or lost loved ones to this terrible pandemic, then our thoughts are with you. Just when we felt at our lowest ebb a slight slither of light shone forth.

As a company we managed to continue to work through the lockdown with some staff working from home and others in the office. All Covid guidelines have been followed to keep our staff well and safe. We have continued to do this even as restrictions eased as the virus is still around and we want to act cautiously. This includes our showroom being only open by appointment. We want to take this opportunity to thank customers for working along with us and respecting the guidelines that we have in place.

With lockdown restrictions easing, this saw a massive surge in staycations! Trips abroad seemed a long way off, so let’s discover the great British outdoors. One of the ways ones thought of getting out was camping. This is where Direct4x4 came to help. With our wide range of expedition camping gear, we were able to help ones set up and get ready to go.

A set of 4 pictures of 4x4s with roof top tents on display

One of the most popular products this year has been the roof top tent. We have a large selection to suit everyone. From the popular clam shell to the foldout if you fancy still owning one then look at our wide range. Roof tents are easy to set up and you get a room with a view. Yes, they are an investment but once set up you will have it for many trips to come. They prove popular all year round with hardy campers still getting out and about in the winter months. At some point this year we had sold out of tents, and we struggled to get stock into the UK due to the global struggle with the pandemic. However, patience paid off and we are now happy to say we have a good selection in store. Winter is a good time to use the darker nights to plan, so why not take a look at one for next year!

Another popular product is our wide selection of pull-out vehicle side awnings. Again, these are vital piece of kit. They provide shelter from rain and sun! Again, stocks ran low, and we had a large waiting list of customers eager to purchase one. Many thanks for your patience if you were one of those waiting. While still not up to full stock, we have plenty of choice and we would recommend one for your next adventure. 

We had some exciting new products arrive too this year. We now stock portable camping fridges in various sizes to suit your needs. These are smart and efficient and we love them here at Direct4x4. You can control your fridge from an app on your smart phone, guaranteeing that you keep your food safe and fresh. Talking of food, we have a great kitchen set up in the form of the Modular Camping Slide-out Cooking Station. With a full width top slide that can be used for your fridge or cooking utensils, and a large open-top main drawer ideal for pots, pans, cooking utensils and food supplies. Guaranteed to bring out the inner chef!

We also stock storage toolboxes. At 52 or 95 litres, these double walled boxes can be used for a variety of things. Everyday use for tools and working equipment or keeping your vehicle neat and tidy on trips out and holidays. If you know someone who is slightly untidy, then why not treat them to one of these. They even have a bottle opener on the side so you can share the beers after a hard day!

Turning our attention to the pickup trucks; we have had a variety of new side steps. Rockslider, Gator and Hammerhead aftermarket running boards that offer practicality without compromising on style. Check out the Adaptable Adjustable Cargo Rack, fits with or without a roll and lock. With a variety of accessories this could be just what your pickup needs for work and play!

Our friends Jack and Kristina (AKA JKoverland) had an exciting new venture. They showed how to build an overlanding truck and kit it out with some of our exciting camping gear. They even managed to get to Spain last month to try it all out. Check out their YouTube for tips and ideas and see how the trip went. We want to thank Jack and Kristina for all the hard work they do, and we look forward to working with them next year.

Picture of Direct4x4 ambassador Kristina with the Pull out cooking system

Thanks to all our ambassadors; Carter Parry who went to the LRO show in Peterborough with his Land Rover Defender, fitted out with the expedition fold out roof top tent. Josh of Wandering Icons, the Scotland holidays with Defenders company, has had a difficult few months unfortunately and we send him our best wishes in 2022. Thanks to all of our friends and customers who send in photos, keep doing this - we love to see them and share them on social media!

Finally, plans for next year; we continue to look for ways to help our customers get the most out of their vehicles either for work or recreation. So, look out for new defender accessories, a different camping fridge and even a new camping pod! Yes, that is one to look out for!

Well, the future could be a little unsettled and who knows what the next year will throw our way so please continue to stay safe and well. Thanks for all your support and feedback we appreciate it very much! 

The Direct4x4 Team.

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