All Wheel Drive Club Action Around the UK in 2020

All Wheel Drive Club Action Around the UK in 2020

So where can you go in 2020 to see some 4X4's put through their paces? We see many a 4X4 all dolled up with no place to go and have some fun, well here is a perfect opportunity for you to show off your pride any joy and network with other enthusiasts like yourself.

The All Wheel Drive Club was formed in 1968 to allow people to put their off-road vehicles to the test, regardless of make or model. 2018 marked their 50th anniversary which they celebrated by being the largest all-makes off-roading club in the UK.

Club members organise events all year round to allow others to put their vehicles through their paces at organised events on private land, permitted and insured by Motorsport UK. Visitors and spectators are welcome at all events and there are no charges for admittance!



They hold regular events covering a broad spectrum of disciplines including competition course events, trials, challenges and safaris.

Have a look on the website at or you can visit and like their Facebook at and think about paying them a visit this year, or even getting your own wheels dirty and familiarising yourself with what your own off-road vehicle can do. 




Here at Direct4x4, we help many of our customers kit out their vehicles with all the necessary overland expedition off-roading equipment you might need for these evevents. Camp out in your roof top tent: Watch the stars from under one of our vehicle side awnings: We always love to see where the products have been used and hopefully some of you will be using our equipment at some of these events.

See you there!

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