Toyota Stainless Steel Rear Corner Bars
Stainless Steel Rear Corner Bars Toyota Land Cruiser 1-5 2010-2017

Stainless Steel Rear Corner Bars Toyota Land Cruiser 1-5 2010-2017

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Protect your beloved car with these stylish and tasteful rear bars! Our stainless steel rear skid bars and corner bars provide added protection to your vehicle while also enhancing your car's aesthetic. The hand-polished stainless steel finish looks amazing with any vehicle colour! This product is tailored specifically to your vehicle.

  • Made from high grade SUS304 stainless steel with a hand polished mirror like finish.
  • These bars curve slightly in the centre to give extra style.
  • Fits the LC1-5 2010-2017 and 60th Anniversary specification levels.

Important Information

  • Dimensions: Lower tube = 3 inch (76mm) diameter, higher tube = 1 inch (25.4mm) diameter.
  • Please do not use car cleaning products that contain TFR in them as they will corrode the metal. Our warranty does not cover this being used to clean the products.
  • We strongly advise you check under the car at several intervals after the initial fitting to ensure safety. After 7 days, check and tighten any bolts and we recommend inspecting the bolts, brackets and boards at least once every 6 months.
  • There is no need for drilling, the brackets fit to existing mounting points accessed under the vehicle.