Skoda Electric Deployable Side Steps
Skoda Electric Deployable Side Steps
Skoda Electric Deployable Side Steps
Skoda Electric Deployable Side Steps

Skoda Electric Deployable Side Steps

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PLEASE NOTE: These are sold at a very special price as the fitting is not always straight forward.

On most occasions the connection into the vehicle system is plug and play, however, depending on the firmware of the vehicle, recoding may be required in order for the system to recognise the steps and operate them correctly, we would recommend that you contact us first before recoding.

If this doesn't work we do have an option which uses a separate Keyfob to deploy the steps, this system doesn't connect into the vehicle system as it is completely separate. This would be a good option if you are concerned about affecting the vehicle operating system.

Keep the uncluttered lines of the vehicle, our smart and practical electric deployable side steps neatly tuck themselves under the car when not in use. Made from premium quality materials, these deployable side steps are reliable and safe. Comes as a complete kit; 2 steps and a full set of brackets and fixings appropriate for your vehicle.

Please note that these side steps will not fit Sportline models.

  • Sturdy non-slip platform for rigorous daily usage.
  • A sturdy platform so you can easily reach the roof for cleaning or accessory fitting.
  • For safety, steps will not deploy if there is an obstruction.
  • Heavy duty aluminium sub base, with a tough rubber surface.
  • Stylish, stainless steel strip inlaid into the top surface
  • Low maintenance and easy to clean.



  • We may request your vehicle's VIN number to ensure the correct steps and fittings are selected.
  • Full fitting instructions are supplied with easy 'plug and play' connections attached.
  • If you already have mud flaps on your vehicle, then these may need to be replaced with a compatible set. Please call us before ordering if you do have mud flaps already fitted on your vehicle.



  • Please DO NOT use car cleaning products which contain TFR (Traffic Film Remover) as these will corrode the metal. Our warranty cannot cover products that have been cleaned with said solutions.
  • We strongly advise you check under the car at several intervals after the initial fitting to ensure safety. After 7 days, check and tighten any bolts and we recommend inspecting the bolts, brackets and boards at least once every 6 months.



  • Kit includes 2 x Deployable steps, wiring loom, ECU, all necessary fixings and fittings.
  • Please note that there are no logos or branding on the steps.