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Fixed Carpet Top Single Drawer System for Land Rover Defender
Fixed Carpet Top Single Drawer System for Land Rover Defender

Fixed Carpet Top Single Drawer System for Land Rover Defender

Regular price £879.99 Sale! £499.99 including VAT.

Our tough, secure and stylish carpet topped drawer systems provide a complete storage solution for every tradesman. They are produced to the highest standard with outstanding build quality. Have a look at the rest on the market and then come down to our showroom and see the best!

All of our drawer systems will fit most vans and pickups with the required space available.

Please note that the side wing kit that comes with this item includes the brackets and carpet material only. You will have to provide a template and material to attach the carpet to.

Price includes VAT.

  • Roll out mechanism which allows the drawers to be extended 3/4 even when fully loaded which allows you to easily reach items at the back of the drawer.
  • The 'bump stop' safety feature stops the drawer at 3/4 open so there's no danger of the drawer falling out but still allows it to be fully loaded.
  • Constructed from high grade galvanised steel plate with full roller bearings to allow super smooth and silent slide.
  • Each drawer is designed to take 150kgs, even when fully extended.
  • The top is covered in durable carpet cover to help protect your goods, with 4 stainless steel tie down rings on top of each drawer.
  • Each drawer has an integrated lock supplied with 2 keys to keep items secure.
  • With a 1000mm depth, 750mm width and 230mm height the drawer gives a very useful storage space.
  • A Side Wing Kit is included in the price of this drawer system.



  • Fitting price for this item is £110 inc. VAT (even if ordering 2 units together). Please call us immediately after ordering to arrange a date and time.
  • Click here for more information on our fitting service and prices.
  • The drawer system is secured by drilling through the vehicle floor.



  • Dimensions per drawer: Depth=1000mm (39.37 inches), Width=750mm (29.53 inches), Height=230mm (9.06 inches).
  • Make sure any drawers and sliding tops are securely locked into position before driving.