Jeep Expedition Snorkel Kit
Jeep Expedition Snorkel Kit

Expedition Snorkel Kit for Jeep Wrangler TJ 1999-2006

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Our heavy duty expedition snorkel kits are the perfect addition to your off-road vehicle. Whether you're looking for a boost in performance or just to make your vehicle look the part, our snorkels will do the job perfectly.

  • Fits the 10/99 - 10/06 AMCI6 4.0 Litre/I6 petrol model.
  • Made from robust black plastic.
  • The tough but stylish design makes your vehicle look and feel ready for anything the elements can throw at it.
  • Moulded specifically for your vehicle.
  • Improves performance, allowing the engine to draw in extra cool air from height.
  • Protects engine from sand and water intake during off-road expeditions.
  • This item can be fitted as a visual modification only by cutting off the extruded fixing that would go through your wing.

Important Information

  • The snorkel comprises of the air intake chamber, hat and all brackets/ fittings.
  • The snorkel should be attached to the right-hand side of your vehicle. However, each kit comes with a set of left-hand drive airbox fixings. If you want to fit to a right-hand drive vehicle you will need to check that you can safely install the piping required to reach the airbox with additional tubing (not supplied).