Have an adventure in your own 4x4 or SUV with this incredible new expedition roof tent from Direct4x4


Have an adventure in your own 4x4 or SUV with this incredible new expedition roof tent from Direct4x4


Break free and have a wilderness adventure getaway in your 4x4 or SUV with the new Normandy Auto Popup Expedition Roof Top Tent from Direct4x4.

Designed for ultimate convenience and practicality and made from premium quality weatherproof materials this sturdy and stylish roof tent is an essential piece of kit for your next nature adventure getaway.

With its unique rapid popup mechanism and the adjustable telescopic ladder, you can be set up on site in seconds (literally).

£1450 including VAT and shipping (UK mainland).

Direct4x4 Accessories UK | Normandy Expedition Roof Top Tent Popup Mechanism

The unique auto popup alloy pole joint mechanism of the Normandy means that one or two people can easily set this roof tent up in mere seconds with no fuss or hassle. Watch the video below, it has to be seen to be believed!

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Direct4x4 Accessories UK | Normandy Expedition Roof Top Tent Weatherproof Pockets

Packed full of convenient features such as multi layer privacy openings, comfortable mattress with machine washable cover and tough weather resistant show carry bags at the door sides to keep the insides clean and dry.

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Direct4x4 Accessories UK | Normandy Expedition Roof Top Tent Telescopic Ladder

Super easy to install and fit. Compatible with most roof bar systems and many different roof racks. Includes a telescopically adjustable ladder to suit almost all SUVs and 4x4s regardless of their roof height.

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Features & Info

> Premium quality aluminium alloy frame with strong nylon joint parts.
> 210D ripstop Poly Oxford PU 3000mm fabric flies with three layer silver coating.
> Adjustable telescopic aluminium ladder to help you climb in and out of the tent at varying vehicle heights.
> Multi-layer privacy windows and doors; also helps with ventilation and keeping the bugs out!
> Comfortably sleeps two adults.
> Comfortable thick mattress with machine washable cover.
> Two large shoe bags at the entrance for weatherproof storage.
> Easy to fit, clean and maintain; assembles in minutes!
> Includes all the tools you need to fit and assemble.

How to Fit

> Fitting price for this item is £110 inc. VAT. Please call us immediately after ordering to arrange a date and time.
Click here for more information on our fitting service and prices.
Requires two people to assemble.
To assemble, simply remove the PVC cover, release the adjustable rubber hook at the rear of the tent and then the tent will open automatically. Re-attach the rubber hook once erected to keep the tent secure.
To close away the tent pull the same strap webbing down until you can fix the adjustable rubber hook onto the 'fixed' button.
When packing away, you will need to remove all objects from inside the tent, including the mattress.
After use, ensure ladder is ALWAYS locked into place and angled AWAY from the vehicle.
Ensure tent is packed down securely before travelling with it.
> All tools required to assemble are included in the accessory pack.

Maintenance Details

> Keep the rail of the base clean and dry.
Ensure the tent is as dry as possible before packing away.
If the aluminium frame does have water in it, erect the tent and pour out the water.
Wipe down the rail of the motorised pushing rod before each usage.
Do not place heavy objects on top of the tent.
Clean and wipe the tent fabric with a wet rag when dirty.

Addons & Extras

> LED Lighting Strip (£19.99 inc. VAT) - More Information

£1450 including VAT.

Addons & Extras


Contact our sales team for more information on this amazing new expedition roof top tent or come down to our showroom in the heart of Derby to see it in action for yourself!